YG Urban Apartment

Three bedrooms Contractor Apartment, 75 sqm, located in the Gindi TLV Towers. The objective of the project was to transform this urban space into a home for a young couple.

We focused on maximizing the space to make it comfortable, functional, and stylish. The fishbone parquet flooring set the design tone, complemented by the dark kitchen that provides a strong contrast. The kitchen was enlarged and optimized for functionality and efficiency.

To complement the urban view of Tel Aviv from the balcony, we brought nature inside with a powerful green wall. We incorporated unique elements that set this apartment apart from a standard contractor apartment, including a metal library, mirrors, and custom carpentry. These features collectively create a seamless and inviting living space, perfect for both relaxation and entertaining.

  • Location

    Tel Aviv

  • Size

    75 sqm

  • Photography

    Diego Rosman

  • Chief Architect

    Albert Escola