Rothschild 17

This is an apartment of 110m2 and 11m2 balcony located in the heart of Tel Aviv. The iconic building faces Rothschild 17 through an interesting integration between a preservation building and a modern one.

This 4 bedrooms apartment was purchased by the client in 2019. The couple lives in Spain and they have 1 kid.

When I met the client for the first time, we immediately had a great connection. He is living between Barcelona and Camerún, was familiar with my work in Spain, and his desire was to have a vacation residence with an hotel feeling for when he is coming to visit.

When I came to see the space for the first time, although it was finished and furnished, I immediately perceive some of the problems that became the core of the renovation.

The apartment had a kitchen in the center and a long corridor that takes you to the bomb shelter. Those two elements compromise the hole distribution, and the apartment was tight and small.

By demolishing the kitchen and moving it to the side, it allowed me to place the living room in the center of the apartment and unify the public spaces in one single space.  The kitchen is hidden by 2 sliding doors.

The main wall of the living room is cladded by big format tiles, converting this wall as the central piece of the living room. The doors are also cladded with the same tile.

On the other hand, changing the distribution of the bathroom and opening the door towards the other side, allowed me to the use some of the space as a guest toilet.

The dinning table is located in the corner of the public space, making a nice and beautiful spot.

The balcony has an outdoor kitchen with a new floating floor that allow to have the floor inside and outside at the same level.

In the kid bedroom we have designed a bunk bed which is integrated with the closet, this way we can have the room open. In the other wall, a folding table and a climbing wall defines the perimeter of the room.

Finally, through a hidden door we find the Master Bedroom. A 40sqm room which includes the bathroom with a freestanding bathtub, a walk-in closet and the bed area.

The master bedroom planning resolves the long corridor that was once there by using the corridor as part of the bathroom.  The bathtub has a sliding glass partition that can be hidden between the walls, to protect the parquet from getting wet.

  • Location

    Tel Aviv

  • Photography

    Gidon Levin

  • Contractor

    Kuma u Migdal

  • Carpentry


  • Kitchen

    Dada Kitchen´s

  • Sanitary and Tiles

    Cea rubinet

  • Lighting

    Yair Doram

  • Walk-In Closet


  • Furniture

    The Box, Tollman’s, B&B, Rimadesio

  • Chief Architect

    Albert Escola

  • Office in Charge

    ESAI design