OM Family Apartment nº10

This is a 124 sqm family apartment of 4 bedrooms distributed in to 2 floors.

On the ground floor we can find an open Living room, dining room, kitchen, family room and a guest toilet. This floor is connected to a big terrace next to the living room and the kitchen.

On the first floor is the master bedroom, a utility room, the kid’s bathroom and 3 bedrooms.

The main idea behind this renovation was to solve the existing stairs by demolishing them and designing a better placed and lighter looking staircase that will open up the whole apartment.

The result came out striking by having a completely open and communicated space on the ground floor, with lighter metal stairs that are suspended by a pillar connected to the ceiling. Thanks to that, we don’t have any obstacles in the middle of the space. The relocation of the kitchen has been a major improvement. Now, it become a central element as well as connected to the terrace where the barbecue is. The new aluminum windows have allowed us to open the balcony completely to the rest of the house and blurring the limits between the inside and the outside,

On the upper floor, we have extended the master bedroom by optimizing the stairs.

Another subject that was constantly on our minds was how to bring light to the center of the house. By making a Belgium partition with a translucent glass in the kid’s bathroom, we were able to bring natural light to the hallway and through the stairs to the core of the house.

  • Size

    Ground Floor - 62.40 sqm, First Floor - 62.00 sqm, Terrace - 28.20 sqm

  • Photography

    Shiran Carmel

  • Contractor

    Yossi Siboni

  • Carpentry


  • Metal Work


  • Sanitary and Tiles


  • Furniture

    Items Gallery

  • Lighting

    Yair Doram

  • Windows

    Yossi Ortal

  • Chief Architect

    Albert Escola

  • Office in Charge