Nomena Roasters

Nomena Roasters is located on the central Allenby street in Tel Aviv, in a stunning preserved building that underwent a strict preservation process and external renovation.

The project covers 160 sqm including a coffee roasting area, service counter, kitchenette, dishwashing area, restrooms, and seating areas, alongside 46 square meter terrace.

The client goal was to highlight the coffee as its main feature, and this exactly what our concept did; design that brings the coffee to the forefront. The design approach can be described as “sustainable luxury”. It’s not just about expensive materials or grandiose design, but about creating a space that stands the test of time and functions effectively.

The cafe has an open roasting area where customers can see the roasting process, allowing them to engage with the daily routine . The smell of fresh coffee fills the air, and the shiny metal surfaces stand out against the neutral color background. We chose warm colors and planned an open ceiling to achieve a contemporary, industrial vibe. Every detail, like the pipes, is carefully placed to ensure nothing is left to chance.

The historic building has beautiful old design features. The arches connecting seamlessly the outside to the inside and add to the café a unique charm, making the coffee experience even better.

This distinctive approach is intended to be replicated across Nomena cafes worldwide.

  • Location


  • Chief Architect

    Albert Escola

  • Photography

    Gideon Levin

  • Lighting

    Yair Doram, Guy Mishaly Design

  • Tiles and Sanitary

    Dori and Zuri

  • Furniture


  • Carpentry


  • Stainless Steel

    Avi Epstein