Ninja Academy

On April 2021, I embarked in an exciting journey with Gil Marantz, the winner of the second season of the successful TV show Ninja Israel. Hand by hand I had the privilege of designing the new Ninja Academy in Rishon Letzion.

An old venue for events has become the Ninja Academy, a training space and recreation of 1600sqm.

Inspired on the Ninja Warrior primetime TV show, the Academy of Marantz is a combination of the different disciplines he believes in. In the right balance, will make you achieve any goal you are up for.

Every space has been designed to make a comfort experience either for those who are in the field and those (the visitors) that are taking pictures behind the gate!


The Academy has 2 floors and a roof top. The entrance is located at the first floor where we allocate the welcome reception (a suspended block of concrete in balance with a rough metal chain), the staff offices, a retail corner and the stairs that takes the visitor to the main floor.

The stairs have been conceived as an immersive experience where the visitor will engage and get ready to feel like a Ninja Warrior. Playing with RGB lights, a tailor-made illustrated wallpaper designed with the talented @chenayala, covering the stairs with metal sheets and cladding with concrete blocks the elevator walls, we have created the perfect environment.

An immersive experience that will make you feel a real Ninja Warrior!


The first floor with 1200 m2 is divided into 4 zones:

  • The cafeteria is conceived inside of a container and has a cool ceiling that delimitates the activity. (The entire ceiling is painted in black). The bar is located in a strategical position. Infront of the stairs and in the public area (open to everyone).
  • The showers, lockers and bathrooms also located near the lounge & bar separates the 2 main activities in the Academy. The lockers are a carpentry work consisting in a hive and red plastic boxes.
  • The main area is dedicated to the Ninja Culture. In it there is all kind of obstacles including the wall and a Parku corner
  • The last zone is a climbing section since and according to Gil, in order to be the best athlete you need to combine all those disciplines.


The roof top with an area of 250m2 approximately, is a venue for events, bathrooms, and storage. The venue is built with light construction according to the approvals.


The Academy is another great project of the Ben Haim Real Estate Group.

  • Constructor

    Lev Ari LTD group

  • Photography

    Gali Peleg

  • Office in charge

    ADB studio

  • Design team

    Albert Escola Architect

  • Graphic designer

    Chen Ayala

  • Climbing walls

    Gravity blocks