Nati Avidan Studio

Nati Avidan Studio located on Einstein Street, in the north of Tel Aviv in a new neighborhood.

The biggest challenge that we found in this place was the fact that the ceiling was very low for the construction of a gym since very big machines are placed in these spaces. Because of that reason, we never considered putting a gypsum ceiling (a false ceiling), so by the industrial style, we have chosen to expose the systems and the concrete ceiling. Something interesting is that this space has a curved wall, so the lights are arranged radially along the wall.


The space is 600 square meters that had to be divided into two: half for Nati Avidan and the other half for Mimi Luzon – an esthetic clinic, and we designed a shared reception. We needed to build for two different environments: one that requires movement, noise, and loud music compared to the other activity that requires relaxation, tranquility, and a quiet environment, so we decided to divide both spaces by building the area of the bathrooms, showers, lockers, and an office in the middle of both. This way, we achieve acoustic isolation and the proper division of these two opposite environments.


One of the most striking things about the space was the concrete wall, with a very interesting texture, which we didn’t want to lose, so we left it as it was and put a fence in front of it to protect it.

The gym has two rooms divided by a Belgian window, one is intended for private workouts and the other is larger for group workouts.

  • Chief architect

    Albert Escola

  • Contractor


  • Lightning

    Sheka vteka

  • Carpentry:

    Cafri wood

  • Taps & Tiles


  • Equipment

    Salsportil and Technogym

  • Office in charge