Mimosa is a luxury shop placed in Ramat Aviv Mall, Tel Aviv. The client was expecting a European chic Boutique. Once we have sat with our client and analyzed the brands they offer (Del Pozo, Giamba, Ermanno Scervino, Bognerand more…) we realized that they are very colorful.

So, we understood that the shop must convey shades of gray without any additional colors added and so the collection will pop up from the space. A combination of natural materials such as painted wood, shiny terrazzo, black iron, Macael marble, aluminum and a cladding system based on cellular polycarbonate was used to create the language of the shop.
The concept of light was strongly used throughout this project. Two main walls were completely illuminated top to bottom with parallel spotlights aligned on the ceiling.

Finally, in order to provide the right privacy, we placed at back of the store the cashier and the fitting rooms. Values like – symmetry, simplicity and restrained space were used in order to characterize our client.  The facade is a gimmick of a Boutique in any street of Milan, Paris or London.

  • Location

    Ramat Aviv Fashion Mall, 2nd floor

  • Size

    73 m2

  • Contractor

    Koma & Migdal Ltd

  • Metal

    David Sassoon at Koma umigdal

  • Carpentry


  • Backlight

    Danpal Light Architecture

  • Lighting


  • Chief architect

    Albert Escola

  • Office in charge