Mimi Luzon

Mimi Luzon a boutique esthetic clinic is located on Einstein Street, in the north part of Tel Aviv in a new neighborhood.

The space is 600 sqm that had to be divided into two: one half for Mimi Luzon and the other half for Nati Avidan Studio, with a designed shared reception. We needed to plan for two different environments: one that requires relaxation, tranquility, and a quiet environment compared to the other that requires movement, noise, and loud music. We decided to divide the two spaces by building an office space, bathrooms, showers, and lockers area in the middle of both. This way, we achieved acoustic isolation and a proper division for these two opposite environments.


  • Location

    Tel Aviv

  • Size

    120 sqm

  • Contractor


  • Chief Architect

    Albert Escola

  • Office in Charge