Megatrends Experiment Any 2020

Megatrends is an itinerary exhibition coordinated by Obra social “La Caixa” that it’s being exhibited in Museu de la Ciència de Barcelona.

The exhibition was developed under the European Union research of how the future will look like if we analyze it under the following parameters: Populations, Technology, Political, Environment and Economically issues.

This will Show from a very specific point of view how the future will look like from each of the trends mentioned above.

In addition, an exhibition made for kids through different experiments, demos and gadgets that try to explain in a simple and easy way the different theories that some of the most important scientist and futurologist did in the world.

The exhibition was structured by 5 themes. Each one was symbolized by a line and a color where the children found a video presentation, followed by a table with different gadgets and a link to the most important science fiction movies putting the focus into the trend. Finishing with an interactive game where the children answer some personal questions which are presented on a huge videoart installation at the end of the exhibition.

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  • Architect and Designer

    Albert Escola