Mayan Luxury Spa

Mayan Luxury Spa is the merger of the ancient Mayan culture in the urban context. Located inside the Hotel Palace GL***** of Barcelona, the order was the integral work from the conception up to the accomplishment and putting in march. The most important challenges to which we had to give response were: how to distribute the functional program in a space that was presenting many break. How to integrate the language between the baroque style of the hotel Palace and the contemporary, fresh and natural style of the Spa Maya.

A space of 170 square meters in the main hall up to the mezzanine. The commitment was to fit inside the Spa 4 treatment rooms, showers, chromotherapy, jacuzzi and the main piece, the Temazcal, a special sauna from the Maya’s culture where they do some kind of rituals.

Also in the project we had to fit the manicure and pedicure room, the staff offices and the gym of the hotel.

The transition between the old and classic style of the hotel and the modern of the Spa was resolved through a golden glass mirror entrance that reflect the classic style followed by a corridor covered with a thick curtain that gives the character of the spaces itself.

Once you cross the corridor, you appear in the heart of the Spa with his own style that takes you inside the Mayan Culture.

  • Location


  • Size

    170 m2

  • Architect

    Albert Escola