MA Family Apartment nº8

This beautiful apartment is located in Holon, Israel. The purpose of the renovation was to upgrade the couple’s standard of living by adapting the apartment to their needs.

The main request of our clients was to renew what was old and yet not change the previous division.

One of the goals of the renovation was to open the kitchen towards the dining and living room.

By unifying all 3 area  we have enlarged the created a spacious feeling while ensuring maximum comfort and enough room for the family members.

The decision to change all colors of the house from warm to white created  a much more relaxed and pleasant feeling.

  • Photography

    Shiran Carmel

  • Constructor

    Marom Zuk

  • Kitchen


  • Living Room Drawer

    Yossi “Nunu Kitchen”

  • Iron

    Avri Lample

  • Tiles

    Hakoah Keramic and Marco Polo

  • Marble

    A.A Colodni

  • Doors

    Shearei Bracha

  • Chief architect

    Albert Escola

  • Office in charge