IB Family Apartment nº 9

This cute 60 sqm 3 bedrooms apartment located in Ramat-Gan is for a single mother.

The most important part of this project was to find a solution to fit a new bedroom for her daughter.

By demolishing the inner walls, we have created a complete new distribution. By using every sqm of the house we managed to create a bright-cozy and spacious apartment.

With a new rethinking and a full renovation, we have created a perfect house for her and her daughter.

We have planned and designed a big bathroom, a new room for her daughter, a kitchen, new doors, parquet flooring and new light fixtures (some of them had been specially designed for the occasion).

  • Location


  • Size

    60 sqm

  • Photography

    Shiran Carmel

  • Contractor


  • Carpentry


  • Windows

    Avi Aluminium

  • Sanitary and Tiles


  • Glass and Mirrors

    Eli Zahav

  • Parquet


  • Chief Architect

    Albert Escola

  • Office in Charge