Hardoor Showroom

The new Hardoor closet showroom, located in the Dan Design Center in Bnei Brak, spans 220 sqm and offers a vibrant and exciting take on closet design. Traditionally seen merely as functional piece of furniture, this showroom elevates closets to a significant design element within any space. By transforming closets into accent walls, Hardoor challenges the conventional, showcasing them as pivotal to interior design rather than just background elements.

The showroom is designed as an interactive exhibition space. It breaks away from the standard rectangular closet form, utilizing a sophisticated blend of materials, mirrors, lighting, and finishes. This approach turns the closet into a standout feature, capable of defining and enhancing the space around it. The layout, characterized by diagonal walls and strategic angles, creates intimate display areas, offering visitors a glimpse of how these pieces can integrate into their personal bedroom, transforming the perception of a typical showroom visit.

Bold wall colors—blue, orange, green, and red—segment the showroom, with each section deliberately chosen to complement the closets on display and present the diversity and variety of options offered to the client . This vibrant color scheme not only differentiates each area but also aligns with the showcased closets, creating a cohesive and engaging visual experience. The design concept extends into the workstation areas, where unique structural elements provide privacy and create an intimate and comfortable shopping experience.

  • Location

    Dan Design Center, Bnei Brak

  • Chief Architect

    Albert Escola

  • Photography

    Peled Studios

  • Photoshoot Styling and Furniture


  • Carpentry