Gindi TLV

This tiny urban apartment of 56sqm is located in the New Gindi TLV Towers. The apartment is designed for a single father who lives outside of Tel Aviv and wants a practical apartment for the weekends or to occasionally be in. After having done extensive research on small apartments around the globe, we came up with the idea of designing a carpentry unit that will allocate all the needs that a home needs in order to maximize the living space.

What we have achieved is a compact space, with a utility wall that integrates the kitchen, storage cabinets, the entrance door, the laundry closet, and a beautiful hanging bar for coats and jackets. Additionally, an extra bed was needed for his daughter, so we included a folding bed which hides behind the sofa. As for the balcony, we added a green wall that accentuates privacy but keeps the beautiful sea view intact.

The bedroom itself is in the shelter. In order to make the room more comfortable, we have panelled the headboard wall with slabs of wood that improve the acoustics as well as give it a sense of warmth and coziness. With the rethought plan and a full interior design, we have created a tailored apartment for him and his daughter.

  • Location

    Tel Aviv

  • Size

    56 m2

  • Photography

    Gali Peleg Photographer

  • Chief architect

    Albert Escola

  • Office in charge