Dizengoff Square Apartment

A renovation project of an apartment in a Bauhaus building in the center of Tel Aviv.

A family apartment for a couple with two kids – 180 square meters including a large main area of living, dining area, and kitchen, a master bedroom, 2 kid’s bedrooms, and a family room.

The purpose of the renovation was to upgrade and update an apartment that was last renovated 15 years ago.

The existing layout of the apartment was good and comfortable for the owners, so minor adjustments were made, such as separating the public space from the private space with hidden sliding doors, and adding a work area for the homeowner, who is a writer by profession.

The change and addition of the workspace were at the expense of one of the kid’s rooms, creating a niche that allowed for the design of a bed integrated with a closet, thus creating an open and inviting room, despite the reduced space in the room.

As the main living space was large and rectangular, a visual separation was designed by using an accent wall where the television is positioned, combining materials such as walnut and special Iranian marble, thus creating a clear separation between the dining area and the living area.

The family room is enclosed by a Belgian blue-colored profile to bring light to the center of the apartment.

The corridors are lined with repainted recessed wall cabinets and storage.

The entrance hall includes a large wall mirror with a coat hanger, and the guest toilet is clad in three-dimensional tiles with a freestanding sink.

The apartment is dressed in warm gray tones and walnut wood combined with bold and various colors – Belgian blue profiles, red Iranian marble, mustard-colored textiles, and more.

Along with the fact that very bold color choices were made, the Bauhaus style was preserved, resulting in an elegant, sophisticated, and urban look.

Due to the building’s preservation, the existing condition was widely utilized, and some elements in the house were renewed. The original terrazzo floor was polished, the flooring in the rooms was replaced, the kitchen carpentry, tiling, and sanitary in the bathrooms, air conditioning system, lighting fixtures, furniture, and styling were all updated.

The goal was to create a sense of a classic European apartment within a typical Tel Aviv Bauhaus building. To design a home that is not trendy but rather classic and elegant, that will remain relevant in its design even 20 years from now.


  • Location

    Tel Aviv

  • Chief Architect

    Albert Escola

  • Photography

    Gideon Levin

  • Photoshoot Styling

    Maya Livnat Harush

  • Contractor

    Sami Wakad

  • Kitchen


  • Sanitary and Tiles

    Via Arkadia

  • Lighting

    Yair Doram

  • Children Bedrooms

    Sarit Shany Hai

  • Sliding Doors


  • Carpentry


  • Furniture

    Leelou Home, Idana