Boost Fitness Center

Based on the following 4 elements, we have made this Flagship Fitness Center:


The team behind Boost Fitness Centre (BFC) believes these 4 elements must be combined in the right balance for one to achieve his goals.

We, at Esai Design Studio, have created an open space where the customers are constantly linked through these values.

An open “social space” located at the center acts as the heart of our design, linking both visual and physically all areas of the center. By using transparent and acoustic isolated glass partitions we aimed to establish a new way to approach a healthier life.

An old dancing studio of more than 320sqm has been demolished to create a luminous space where the old coexist with new. Where the tiles that got dislocated from their usual environment, tell the process of construction story and hint to the ongoing process of body shaping that takes place at the same space.

  • Collaboration Designer

    Dafna Gravinsky

  • Photography

    Shiran Carmel

  • Chief Architect

    Albert Escola

  • Office in Charge