AAA Gimnasia

We selected this apartment because it met three primary criterias:

  1. Was located in Central Tel Aviv with parking.
  2. Had an open layout, which allowed me to design the apartment according to our wants and needs.
  1. Was located on a high floor in a tower, which offered the sense of being out of the city, above the rush and away from the stress that urban centers have come to represent.

I then developed my vision of what the space could and should be. I wanted the apartment to inspire calm and serenity – the stress should stay outside! I wanted our home to use neutral and natural colors: shades of whites and textures like wood, stone, terra-cotta and linen. Looking for some juxtaposition, I decided to keep the ceiling in the living room with the original exposed concrete. The remaining walls and floors were more delicately finished. Simplicity and practicality were my main objectives for this project – while never forgetting the comfort of living in it!

Another Important element – privacy. The apartment can be divided in two parts by moving a panel located in the corridor, offering both a public and private area. The master bedroom was conceived to be an independent piece, and based on my experiences in many different hotels around the world. The key words here are warm and cozy, achieved by adding touches of natural wood combined with beautiful Italian stone.

  • Location

    Tel Aviv

  • Size

    150 sqm

  • Chief Architect

    Albert Escola

  • Office in Charge