MN Family Apartment nº11

Interior Design of an apartment in a Bauhaus building on Ben Ami St.

 This is a beautiful apartment located in a historically preserved building.

When the clients came to us, the building was going into a major renovation: adding an elevator, renewing the façades, windows, common areas and adding a top floor.

When we started working on this project, the most challenging part was solving how to incorporate the new elevator to the design.

By distributing the living room, kitchen and dining area as an open space in the central area of the apartment, we were able to optimize the functionality of the elevator.

The bedrooms are located on one side of the living room and the bathroom and utility room on the other side.

Using a glass wall with a thick curtain between the living room and the master bedroom was a crucial decision in order to create a spacious feeling in the common area, but still keeping the privacy that it needs.

We used two types of Terrazzo floor. For the main area we used a white shade and for the bathroom a darker one.

We continued this pattern for the rest of the space. In the master bedroom, we went with a dark parket and for the kid’s room a brighter one.

The result is a beautiful, bright apartment, with touches of retro and full of light.

  • Photography

    Gali Peleg Photographer

  • Chief architect

    Albert Escola

  • Office in charge