Ninja Academy wide view An old venue for events has become the Ninja Academy, a training space and recreation. Ninja Academy Fill in form Cosentino kitchen sitting area This is an innovative, multimedia showroom, dedicated to Cosentino's commercial products. City of Cosentino Fill in form I wanted the apartment to inspire calm and serenity – the stress should stay outside! AAA Gimnasia Fill in form This beautiful urban apartment of 56 sqm is located in the New Gindi TLV Towers. Gindi TLV Fill in form Interior Design of an apartment in a Bauhaus building on Ben Ami St. MN Family nº11 Fill in form A place that has begun as a chef’s vision who felt that she didn’t share her skills enough with us. Hadas Coffee Fill in form Megatrends is an itinerary exhibition coordinated by Obra social “La Caixa”. Megatrends Exhibition Fill in form HOC is a coffee shop located in Neve Tzedek neighborhood in Tel Aviv. HOC Fill in form We decided to take a project that has been running for three generations. Reiser Optometry Fill in form A collaboration with Exitdesign to conduct together a Hub for the exhibition. The Alimentaria Hub Fill in form